Helping Children Thrive

Located in Edmonds, Appleseed School & Daycare was established in 2012. Our mission is to provide your child with a first class early learning environment where they can thrive. By providing a rich, joyous learning environment with emphasis in social and academic growth through developmentally appropriate play, your child will gain knowledge and confidence necessary to make a successful transition from preschool to kindergarten and elementary school.

Our in-home daycare for children ages two through five focuses on problem solving, self help and decision making. Our curriculum includes art, music, science, nature, manipulative toys, outdoor play and much more. Our environment is designed to stimulate young minds and is a FUN place to be. While it is important for children to be free spirited and creative, it is equally important for them to learn from others through basic guidance and instruction. We encourage them to express their thoughts with confidence while respecting the feelings of others.

We welcome you and your child to make an appointment to visit our unique in home preschool/ childcare and see for yourself what we have to offer in terms of facilities and curriculum. Contact us to learn more!